The Union & League of Romanian Societies of America, Inc.
came into being through the unification of two separate fraternal
organizations, The Union and The League, in 1928.


The Union & League :

1964 November 26th. Residential Real Estate Mortgages were made available to the members of the Union & League at reduced interest rates.
1965 April 30th. First National Convention of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Union and League and first Debutante Ball held in Southfield, Mich. October 3rd. The Union & League President John C. Coman, was invited by President Lyndon B. Johnson to attend the ceremony at the foot of the Statue of Liberty which saw the signing of the new Immigration Law which abolished the former quota system.
1966 June 11th. 60th Anniversary of the Union & League celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio, honoring the founding members. September 4th. Over 800 people attended Union & League Cultural Program at Southfield, Mich. High School, to view a cast of 170 performers from Romanian societies and parishes throughout the United States and Canada.
1967 Closing of the “America” Publishing Co., home of “America” Romanian News, by the Union & League. At the end of June, 1967, the newspaper is printed in Carrolton, Ohio, and in 1969 the newspaper and its offices are moved to Detroit, Mich. September 22nd. President and Secretary of the Union & League attend a fraternal conference at the White House at the invitation of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

December 1st. All major Romanian organizations in America celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio, the 50th anniversary of Union of Transylvania with the Motherland.

1969 The Union & league sells the print shop and the building (“The Romanian Palace in America”) at 5703 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.
1975 January 20, 21 and 23rd. Bicentennial Meeting in Washington, D.C., attended by John W. Popescu, President of Union and League.
1981 Two excursions to Romania.
1983 Union & League stared scholarship fund.
1989 Union & League Relief Fund for Romania.
1990 Relief Fund earmarked for children and the elderly. Supported Case Western Reserve University's initiative for assistance in the rebuilding of Romania's institutions (Grupul Interdisciplinar Pentru Sanatate). Two week health management workshop with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
1998 First woman President elected. First Miss Union & League Fund started.
1990 Conversion program for paid up members. April 23rd. Union & League President Georgeta B. Washington attends at a meeting with President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu, in Boston, Mass. May. First woman editor of “America” News, G.B. Washington. June. Romania's participation in the Folklore Festival on the Mall in Washington, D.C. sponsored in part by Union & League. Union & League President, Georgeta B. Washington presents check to J. Rosapepe, Ambassador to Romania. September. First American delegation to Romania after the Revolution. September. Work visas for Romanians, through Nickels Bakery. October. Union and League Soccer Team. Union and League Cultural Group / U.R. Transilvaneana Society. November. New Society: Countryside/ La Tara, Parma, Ohio December 1. First National Romanian Day proclaimed in the State of Ohio. Romanian flag flown over State Capitol. December. National Romanian American Voter Registration Program

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